Family Business Restructuring & Succession Planning:

Divesture of Business

If the next generation is not keen in taking over and managing the family-run business, then it becomes important to look out for a divesture of business when the going is good. It is important to identify the right time to hit the market for a sell off or a period of sell off.

  • SURESH & CO., advises such family-run businesses on the structure for the same, timing, run out models, support years etc.
  • We help such businesses identify the right acquirers. Our team of experts help in assessing the value of the business and unlocking its full potential and getting the right price for it.

Business Continuity in the Family

If a family has an upcoming generation which is interested in continuing the lineage business then identifying the interests of the next generations becomes a task. We engage in match-making of next generations’ available resources and roles. 

  • The firm mentors the next generation from an early age about the family business values.
  • We help identify and monitor their training requirements with external and internal work exposures, identify suitable education backgrounds or non-education vocational programs which need to be undertaken by them.
  • We assist families to draft a matured policy on ownership, control, power and brand name sharing amongst various businesses and assets of the family and its transition.
  • If there is no next generation available to run the business, we educate the promoters to get a professional to run the business.
  • We also advise them on the arrangements between the family and professionals about the control, ownership, veto rights etc.

SURESH & CO., has been nurtured and grown over 50 years to deliver high quality, high value, timely, unique solutions for overcoming Business and Regulatory challenges.

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