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About us

SURESH & CO., has been nurtured and grown over 50 years to deliver high quality, high value, timely, unique solutions for overcoming Business and Regulatory challenges.

With 50 years of hard work and commitment and striving every moment for making a real difference, our organization has grown in scale and diversity. SURESH & CO., is providing services to 750+ clients globally. SURESH & CO., is represented by a strong 120+ team which always thinks of enhancing the value being given to all stakeholders and clients. The team includes 30+ Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and other technically qualified persons.

About the Services we provide

management support system

Management Support Services

Management audit is audit of the management of an organization. Similar to operational audit in several aspects, management audit, however, concentrates more on the areas or functions that provides management to improve their efficiencies in managing their business and overcoming their weaknesses.

Statutory audit

Audit & Assurance

We audit and provide review of IGAAP/ Ind AS financial statements. Audit of internal control over financial reporting is performed by our experts. And comment on the “True & fairness” of the financial reporting of our “second opinion” gives our clients an assurance.

M & A Transactions services

M&A Transaction Services

Comprehensive analysis of the corporate structure and its compliances with sector specific regulations and assurance on ownership structure and registered charges. We identify risks of corporate noncompliance and assess the contingent liabilities thereof.


MyFAME© HNI Services

High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) comprise of a smaller yet major segment of investors. These people are highly educated, talented and consider themselves well acquainted to technology. Rather than inheriting, HNIs have created most of their wealth by themselves.

Policy Framework

Policy Framework – Tax, Accounting and Regulatory

The firm believes, business and wealth, will grow after having the right and in-depth awareness of Tax, Accounting and Regulatory policies. Having in place the right policies, which evolve as business grows produce highest possible turnover, maximum profits, faster cash flows and a stronger balance sheet.

Family business reorganisations

Family Business Reorganization & Succession Planning

If the next generation is not keen in taking over and managing the family-run business, then it becomes important to look out for a divesture of business when the going is good. It is important to identify the right time to hit the market for a sell off or a period of sell off.

Investment Banking

Investment Banking for Family Business

For families or family owned businesses who are looking forward to investment opportunities we provide investment banking services.

Traditional CA services

Traditional CA Services

SURESH & CO., respects it’s lineage of being in practice for 50 years and continues to grow and serve the following traditional practice areas apart from the High Value service areas.

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New Delhi

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SURESH & CO., has been nurtured and grown over 50 years to deliver high quality, high value, timely, unique solutions for overcoming Business and Regulatory challenges.

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Address: #43/61 Surveyors Street Basavanagudi Bengaluru.

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