Policy Framework: Tax, Accounting & Regulatory Advisory Services:

The firm believes, business and wealth, will grow after having the right and in-depth awareness of Tax, Accounting and Regulatory policies. Having in place the right policies, which evolve as business grows produce highest possible turnover, maximum profits, faster cash flows and a stronger balance sheet. Such policies result in tax cost optimizations and maximizing regulatory benefits.

  • We provide tax and regulatory opinions in areas of Income Tax, GST, FEMA, Company Law, RBI Regulations and other business-related regulations which result in achieving the above-mentioned objectives. Being aware of these policies, one can fine tune the transactions to comply with regulations and still achieve commercial and practical efficiency.
  • We provide creative industry specific and structure specific solutions which are used to provide tailor-made solutions. This enables us to save time on basic research and focuses on improved value every time. Time is of essence thus faster delivery with value is our key focus.
We keep improving the ability to spot the future risks, business scenarios and challenges. Spotting the risks and challenges at the right time is our strength, which allows us to act proactively.

Our dedicated Policy Framework Division provides solutions in the following areas of Policy Framework

Taxation Policy

  • Direct Tax (Domestic & International taxation)
  • Indirect Tax (GST)

Accounting Policy

Corporate Law & FEMA Policy

Taxation Policy

Our firm provides full range of tax services through our tax practitioners having an in-depth knowledge of tax rules and regulations. This enables us to offer an array of services to our clients to comply with tax requirements, while benefiting from tax incentives available in order to make the organization tax efficient. The broad categories of services offered by us are summarized below:

Direct Taxes

Domestic Taxation

The firm has engaged itself in advising the best ways of tax planning considering available concessions/deductions under the Income Tax Act. Designing of tax strategies for reconstruction of entities and advising on personal taxation, including expatriates with a view to minimize tax levies and in preparation and filing tax returns has been our specialty. Our dedicated team of Tax Representative have developed the maturity and expertise in managing tax assessments and litigations.

International Taxation

The firm has also been the front runner in preparation of tax strategies for overseas businesses keeping in view Double Taxation Treaties to minimize tax burden:

  • We provide tax advisory services for preparing Foreign Technical Collaboration Agreement, Foreign Investments in India and Overseas Investments and also tax advice on new business ventures and cross-country expansion.
  • Advising about joint ventures in tax haven countries, advising on International Transfer Pricing related matters and also advising the Non-Resident Indians for their personal tax matters in India and abroad.

Indirect Taxes(Goods and Service Tax)

Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been a major transformation in the Indian indirect taxation scenario. We provide GST Impact services for existing and new business so that all the eligible benefits are availed. We provide a team of experts to review your periodic GST compliance. GST Advisory services are provided and value at the time of setting up new Ventures, Acquisitions, New Process, New Distribution set up or at time of entering into any material contracts/ agreements.

Accounting Policy

Corporate Law & FEMA Policy

Our Firm enables business to adopt the right Accounting Policies to report their financial statements. In time and forward-looking suggestions on implementation of changes in Accounting Policy keeps the business up to date on GAAP requirements.  Accounting Advisory services provides opinion on Accounting Treatment of complex and material transactions and also enables clients to respond to their auditors and regulatory authorities. 

Our Corporate law team advises on compliance to be adhered to under the Companies Act 1956, FEMA, RBI regulations and other regulations. An awareness of all the important regulatory requirements makes us provide holistic solutions and ensures there are no surprises years after implementing a solution.   

SURESH & CO., has been nurtured and grown over 50 years to deliver high quality, high value, timely, unique solutions for overcoming Business and Regulatory challenges.

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