Management Support Services:

Management Support Services (MSS) provides an insight to the Management on the effectiveness of the business performance viz. Growth in revenue and profits, options to improve the cashflows, betterment of position of Balance sheet and EBITDA performance. Like operational audit in several aspects, MSS, concentrates more on the areas or functions that provides management to improve their efficiencies in managing their business and overcoming their weaknesses.

Our MSS provides many benefits such as:

  • Maximize Stakeholder value.
  • Optimize Operations.
  • Engage leadership & talent.
  • Manage Risk and regulation.
  • Evolve Strategic Business Ambitions.
  • Finance Growth.
  • Evolve new or improved avenues to increase revenues.
  • Identification of areas or process to result in higher profits.
  • Identification of Methodologies to improve the speed Cash Flows.
  • Suggestions for improving the strength of the Balance Sheet Corporates.
  • Identification of the weaknesses and inefficiencies in different functional areas, such as finance, sales, production, operations etc.
  •  We analyze solutions to overcome the inefficiencies or weaknesses identified.
  • Critically review of the organization structure and evaluate the ways for improving the management efficiency and select the best policies and people.
  • The firm also examines the organizational structure, Policies, Plans and Objectives, Systems and Procedures, Standards fixed for performance, Methods of control and the method of evaluation of results.
  • We report the defects, irregularities and weaknesses during their examination. We make suggestions to improve the efficiency and performance of the management.
MSS helps a firm in making right decision in areas such as make or buy, acquisition of a business, closing of a unit, etc. It also helps in assessing the efficiency of the executives. It serves as a reality check on the executives. With MSS, we suggest ways to utilize the resources of the organization effectively. MSS helps in rehabilitation of sick units. MSS report is jointly reported by our experts from various fields.
  • Benefits- Efficiency of Management and Organization Structure improves
  • Problems like defects, irregularities and weaknesses of organization are countered.
  • SURESH & CO., has been nurtured and grown over 50 years to deliver high quality, high value, timely, unique solutions for overcoming Business and Regulatory challenges.

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